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Purpose of artificial insemination


1. To improve the breed of cows in less time.

2. More employment benefits.

3. Filling the shortage of milk and meat.

4. Increase production of non-vegetarian food.


Benefits of artificial insemination


1. 300-400 cows can be bred by processing each collection of semen from one bull.

2. Increases cow pregnancy rate.

3. There is no need to raise more bulls, thus reducing the cost.

4. Improved breeds can be made by breeding between different varieties or species.

5. Better bred cows are obtained by using the semen of improved breeds of bulls.


Disadvantages of artificial insemination


1. Skilled people are needed.

2. Accurately determine the time of summer.

3. If the semen of the right bull is not selected, the purpose of artificial insemination is defeated.

4. Hot cows become difficult to identify.


Suitable age of cows for breeding


1. The first breed of domestic breed is suitable for breeding at the age of 2-2.5 years.

2. Advanced crossbred heifers are suitable for first breeding at 1.5-2 years of age.


Cows are in heat or signs of menstruation.


1. Cow restlessness increases and cow calls frequently.

2. Cow's milk decreases by frequent urination.


Signs of animal pregnancy


1. Seasonal cycle stops.

2. Cows no longer call or heat